Sailing FAQ’s

Cancellation policy– If you cancel the day of your tour we charge 50 % of the cost unless we can rebook you on a different tour or we can fill your spot(s)

What should I bring?  It can be cooler on the water so we recommend a jacket or sweatshirt, weather can change and we do sail in light rain, so a waterproof jacket may be helpful, bring your lunch or dinner, snacks, beverages (they can be adult), remember the camera, hat sunscreen, sunglasses ( the reflection off the water is bright).  We have refrigeration, and will provide, ice and cups, plates, napkins.

I am prone to motion sickness should I go?  If you have a slight case but want to try – Please eat a light meal before heading out, limit your alcohol intake, and take ginger chews – Our trips are generally in great weather, so it should not cause any additional problems.

What kind of Boat is Parlay?  Parlay is a Fales Navigator Motor Sailor.  It was built on the East Coast in Falls River Maryland it is a stolen design of a Willard yacht which were made in Costa Mesa California – The Fales are 2 feet longer than a Willard.  They are very sturdy ocean going vessels.  Designed for long distance cruising.

Can I book a private charter?  Yes we can customize your trip to your liking – Just give us a call.

Can I bring my Dog?  Yes small well behaved dogs are allowed – we even have a few life jackets for dogs around 20 pounds.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my tour?  We will give you a call the day before your tour if we anticipate inclement weather.  We do not sail in bad weather safety and comfort of our guests is our highest concern.  Should the weather be good for a different time on the day of your tour we will try to accommodate you when the weather window looks great for sailing.  If we are not able to sail we will return your deposit in full.  We will try to book your group if your schedule allows.

If you have additional questions not answered in our Sailing FAQ’s section, please feel free to call us at 920.559.9635.

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